Together, we serve
to know Christ
and to make Christ known
for the glory of God

Our Culture and Values

We are seeking to be a community of relationships that are mutually encouraging and helping people to grow spiritually. This has at least five different aspects:

Covenantal – we are a community of believers who have become part of the New Covenant in Christ’s blood and, as a result, have partnered together to help each other run the Christian race with integrity, godliness and grace.

Careful – we strive to be marked by a carefulness that shows our concern for obeying God’s Word in every aspect of our corporate life together and our individual lives in our community.

Corporate – we place a high priority on the corporate life of the congregation, not simply on our own individual walks with the Lord. The nature of Christian life is corporate because the body of Christ is a corporate entity.

Cross-cultural – we seek to be a local church for everyone, bearing testimony to the gospel’s transforming power that unites people from different backgrounds by a common relationship with Jesus Christ.

Cross-generational – we seek to be a place where children and adults of all ages can and should be relating to one another for mutual encouragement and edification.

As a local church and a denomination we are committed to six values known in the C.E.S.A. as the 6 E’s:

Exaltation – we are committed to exalt and glorify God in and through everything we do, whether in our corporate or private lives.

Edification – we are committed to build up Christians in their walk with the Lord and personal godliness through Bible study, prayer, discipleship and pastoral care.

Evangelism – we are committed to reach out to those who do not know Jesus as Lord with the good news of the gospel, calling them to repent of their sins and trust Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Our concern for such people is local, national and international.

Equipping – we are committed to train and develop people, in accordance with their gifts and talents, to better serve the Lord and the body of Christ.

Employing – we are committed to continually grow and develop the Ministry Staff at TCC in order that they might better train and equip the congregation for ministry.

Exporting – we are committed to train men and women for ministry and missions’ opportunities and thus seek to be a training church working in partnership with local Bible & Theological Colleges.