Together, we serve
to know Christ
and to make Christ known
for the glory of God

Connect Groups

TCC runs a number of Connect Groups (that’s what we call our midweek Bible Study groups). We call them Connect Groups because their goal is to help people: connect with God through the study of the Bible & prayer; connect with each other through fellowship, encouragement & mutual accountability; and connect with our neighbours by being salt & light within our communities.

There are a number of different groups, all of varying shapes & sizes, meeting at different times & venues, all seeking to grow people in their knowledge of and trust in Jesus Christ. It’s in these groups that the Bible is applied in greater detail and the people experience care, accountability, and discipleship in ways that cannot be experienced within the larger church gatherings.

We strive for all our groups to be healthy. By that, we mean groups that hold to certain positive values: ownership (where each member experiences a sense of belonging); participation (seeking high levels of involvement in discussion); openness (honesty & vulnerability in self-disclosure); service (each member using their gifts); and achievement (where group & individual goals for growth are being achieved). Our groups are not perfect but we believe these are good values to strive for and a means to grow in godliness.

Groups generally study the Bible in conjunction with the material covered in our Sunday Morning Sermons. Although, we do have some introductory groups from time to time as well. Contact the church office for more details of these.

The list below will give you an idea of the times and places our Connect Groups meet. Check the Resources page for a more detailed list and a current schedule of Connect Group activities. Do feel free to contact the church office if you have any questions or need help finding a Connect Group that fits you.


In PersonTues 20:00Michael Watson, 43 A The Row Street, MUIZENBERG  
Currently on ZoomTues 20:00Claude Barnardo / Bruce Morgan 68 Pondicherry Ave, HOUT BAY  
Currently on ZoomWed 19:30Bobby Bertrand 23 Perth Road,  TOKAI  
Currently on ZoomWed 19:30Bryan Moyles / Patrick Ford 7 Almond Way,  TOKAI  
In personWed 19:30Denzil Abrahams, 21 Faure Close. DIEP RIVER  
In personWed 19:30YOUNG ADULTS: Graham v Veen 12 Chenel Close, LAKESIDE  
In person & ZoomWed 19:30John Child / Kev Duke 4 Leeufontein Rd, KIRSTENHOF  
In personWed
19 Perth Road, TOKAI
In personThur  19:30Graham van Veen 3 Niblick Street, LAKESIDE  
ZoomThur 20:00John Meiring 12 Summer Place, KIRSTENHOF  
In personThur 20:00Paul Theodosiou / Deryck Sheriffs 11 Willowbrooke Lane, CONSTANTIA  


ZoomWed 19:30Jeanne Westgate / Judy Barnardo 16 Princess Road, BERGVLIET
In personThur 09:45Iris Sheriffs / Jenny Gavin 20 Adelaar Street, KIRSTENHOF  
In personThur 11:30Dagi Smuts / Marion Child 23 Perth Road, TOKAI  
In personSat 10:00Bible Study Sue Kilfoyle, TOKAI  


Currently on ZoomThur 19:30Ken Maggs 7 Elizabeth Close, TOKAI  
ZoomFri 06:30Men’s Partnership Breakfast @ TCC (28 Tokai Road) R25  

Central Studies @ TCC

FAMILY CENTRAL            Wed @ TCC for all ages with Graham

17:45       Meet for supper: R30 adults, R20 children (please indicate you are coming, for catering purposes)

18:15       Connect Groups:

  • Adults, led by Graham van Veen
  • Teen boys and girls (Grade 8-12)
  • Explorers boys and girls (Grade 5-7)
  • Boys and girls (up to Grade 4)

Contact Graham for more info or questions

MID-WEEK CENTRAL    Wed @ TCC 20:00 with Luke

A central Bible Study that follows the Connect Group material. Open to all ages, genders, shapes & sizes!

MORNING CENTRAL     Thurs @ 10:00 on Zoom with Denzil