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to know Christ
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Helping Hands ministry

A database for our church of those that we can support both during this time and after. If you have a business or service that you would like to add here, please fill in this form.


Contact Tina: info@ecoelephant or 078 561 6621

Ecoelephant is a zero waste online shop based on Capetown. Our business is about people, inspiring and educating each other to make better choices, creating jobs locally and touching lives. Living sustainably results in a more meaningful life. We don’t want to make sustainability expensive, therefore we try to be as affordable as possible for others to encourage a plastic-free, zero-waste lifestyle.

We encourage locally made products. Our aim is to empower work from home mothers and women entrepreneurs, by creating local employment opportunities. All our handmade and handcrafted products are made by work from home mothers, mom entrepreneurs and community projects.

We believe that there are natural and zero-waste alternatives to things we use in our daily lives. Living a waste-free life doesn’t have to be gloomy. We bring a zero-waste, sustainable life with fun. We are focused on “refuse reduce, reuse and recycle.”


Construction business

Contact Frank: or 063 425 0143 

Painting, paving, building, plastering, tiling, and general construction jobs (excluding plumbing and electrical).


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