Together, we serve
to know Christ
and to make Christ known
for the glory of God

5 December 2018

Revelation 18
Psalm 132

The Lord swore an oath to David,
    a sure oath he will not revoke:
“One of your own descendants
    I will place on your throne.

Psalm 132:11

Can you think of a promise you made to someone recently? Did you keep it? Do you intend keeping it? Has someone made a promise to you? Did they keep it?

Here in our reading today, there are promises made – first by David (verse 2), then by the LORD (verse 11) to David. It’s the latter that I want us to meditate upon as we read the Bible slowly today. Because the effect or outworking of that promise is ultimately to us!

We know, with the benefit of the whole Bible (Old and New Testament), that the One of your descendants’ of David who will be on the throne is none other than the Messiah, the Christ, the LORD Jesus Christ. In Peter’s sermon recorded for us in Acts 2:30-33, this Christ who was crucified and died was not abandoned to the grave, nor did His body see decay. He was raised from the dead and exalted to the right hand of God. So, the fulfilment of the promise by the LORD to king David here in Psalm 132 is Jesus!

And with that come other great and wonderful promises for us:

God’s presence with us (verse 13);

God’s gracious salvation for us (verse16);

God’s glorious reign over us … in heaven forever (verse 14).

This, is our God. This, all through our Jesus!

Our response should echo the repeated phrase (verse 9 and 16) – sing for joy! See God’s faithfulness and sing!

If anyone has made a promise to you, and failed to keep it – don’t lose heart. Be encouraged that God, your God, is not just a promise-making God but indeed, a promise-keeping God. Rejoice and praise Him – every one of His promises is ‘Yes’ and ‘Amen’ in Jesus!

Our Father in heaven, thank You that the Bible is indeed one book, and not two separate old and new books. Thank You that as we read the Old Testament, it points us to the New Testament and vice versa. Thank You that all of Scripture is useful in helping us know what to believe, and how to live. Please enable us to be very intentional today to live a life that expresses great joy in You and and great joy in Your promise to Your servant king David – the promise of Your ever presence with Your people, the promise of salvation to all who believe, and the promise that Your King will be on Your throne for ever and ever. Help us to share this joy with our family, our friends, our neighbours, our colleagues. To the King who is seated on the throne – to Him be glory. Amen