Together, we serve
to know Christ
and to make Christ known
for the glory of God

18 October 2018

Mark 16
Ecclesiastes 8

Mark 16. Last time to consider our three questions:

Who is Jesus? … He is the LORD –  Mark 1 verse 1 and Mark 8 verse 29

What did He do? … rose (was raised) from the dead – verse 6

How should we respond? … we should go and tell – verse 7

When you have witnessed a most remarkable event, what is the first thing that you do? You go and tell someone else – maybe a loved one or a friend. But whoever it is – you share the good news. Is that not so?

The three women came expecting Jesus to be dead – bringing spices to anoint His body in preparation for burial. They were wondering how they might gain access to the tomb. And then they encountered the most remarkable event. The tomb was open … the tomb was empty! Jesus has risen; He is not here! They were the first to discover that Jesus, who was dead a couple of days ago, was risen from the dead (just as, in fact, Jesus had said He would). ‘Trembling and bewildered’ (verse 8), they went off to tell others about this remarkable event.

He was dead … so many people witnessed it, they witnessed it!

He was buried … the disciples saw it, they saw it!

He is no longer dead … they were witnesses to it!

Everything that He said is true. Everything that was said about Him in the Scriptures is true. They saw it with their own eyes!

Jesus died for the sins of the world. He was raised for the justification of all believers. He is seated at the right hand on the throne of God. He is coming again!

Go, tell someone about this. Go, tell everyone. Today might be the day they see and believe too. Today, might be their day of salvation.

Take time now to thank the LORD for the person through whom the gospel came to you: perhaps a preacher, maybe a spouse, or a child or a parent, grand-parent, or another family member. Maybe even be a work colleague or friend.

Thank God for the Word through which you head about Jesus and were saved.

Thank God for being so gracious to you. Thank Him for helping you to believe in Him through Christ. And thank Him for His daily grace in your life.

Then, ask Him to enable you to do one of the most uncomfortable things that you have done in a long time … to go, tell someone about Jesus’ saving power – even today!