Together, we serve
to know Christ
and to make Christ known
for the glory of God

16 May 2018

Romans 5
Psalm 51

Romans 5. What a great blessing and amazing truth – we have peace with God! What a joy! That we mortal, sinful humans may enjoy peace with our eternal, holy, Creator. Take a moment and ponder this wonderful reality – we have peace with God. Let us not take this for granted. We who were ungodly (verse 6), sinners (verse 8), and God’s enemies (verse 9) now have peace with God.

In our previous readings (Romans 3 & 4), we have seen how it may be possible that we can have this peace with God – have His righteousness. That is why chapter 5 starts with “Therefore”. In other words, because of what has just been said, we have peace with God.

Those of us who have believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour know this peace. We cherish this peace. We have been reconciled to God (verse 11). Reconciliation implies a broken relationship that has been restored.

This relationship is restored and we now have peace with God because we have been justified (see verses 1, 9). To be justified means to be made “just-(as)-if-I’d never sinned”. Verses 9-10 tell us that we have been justified by the blood and death of Jesus Christ. Absolutely amazing! We who have certainly sinned (Romans 3) have been justified (declared righteous – as if we have never sinned)! And the result is restored relationship to God and thus PEACE with God.

Jesus is the one through whom we have peace with God; Jesus is the one through whom we have been justified. Jesus is the one through whom we receive reconciliation. See verse 1, “we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

And this was achieved through the death of Christ. See verse 6, “Christ died for the ungodly” and verse 9, “Christ died for us” and verse 11, “through Christ…we have now received reconciliation.” Dear believer, rejoice in Christ! It is through Christ that we have peace with God.

Have a look at verse 17 and let it sink in to your mind and heart: “How much more… those who receive God’s abundant… gift of righteousness [will] reign in life through… Jesus Christ.” Not only do we receive God’s righteousness, but we will reign in life!

Dear believer, you are most blessed and most fortunate. Because you believe, you have God’s righteousness, you have peace with God, and you have “eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 5:21).

As you go through this day, ponder these extravagant gifts that ARE yours because of your faith in Jesus.