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to know Christ
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for the glory of God

2020 Testimonies


I have done a Bible Study during this year with 2 ladies who are not used to reading their Bibles. It has been a new experience for them, as they have had to learn where to find passages of Scripture and to see the chapter and verse. I realise how much I take the Bible for granted!

We have also agreed not to discuss denominations and to just find out what God has to say to us from His Word.


The one lady lives across the passage from us, (we live in a retirement

complex) & when she found out that we were watching our Sunday morning services online she asked if she could come and watch with us. Again, a very different service from the one she is used to, and she has come every Sunday for some months now. She says that she loves hearing God’s word in our services! She has also partaken in the Communion Services.

We are delighted to share our church with her – she once asked if maybe she could come with us when we go back to church in-person. None of us knew then how long this lockdown would be and so far we haven’t been back in person!

 We thank God daily for our TCC family and are so grateful for all the effort the staff has put into making it possible for us to remain connected.


Joy & Bill



My 2020 has been not easy not been able to speak to people in the lock down BUT God made away for me every time I have been to buy food I have asked God to use me where he can I have been handing out two ways to live where I could and managed to hand out x 2 Bibles. I pray for people that are Ill, having hard times, and those who are not saved.

  1. I spoke to a girl at Woolworths till I said to her you don’t look so happy today shame then she opened up to me and I asked her has she seen the War room said she has it at home and she will watch it took her number and followed up with her (thanks Shirley I am feeling back with the Lord)
  2. I never go to my gate to see who has rung the bell but I believe God did this: Went to him and was told house burnt down in Hout Bay and the story of his family and what has happened so I said do you know God he said I pray I said are you saved (no) so I said lets pray for God to save you and your life will change I can’t give you what you but I can give you a Bible which I did then he got angry with me as I did not want to give him a cell phone he then told me to stick my bible and rice up you nowhere. So I went back out to say please give me back what I gave you so I can give it to some who will want it. So then he said Sorry mam sorry I said keep asking God for help. Prayed for him that night again.
  3. Another one I gave a Bible to someone in January for her boyfriend she is saved. She forgot about the Bible as she said it was not the right then in lock down they were cleaning there cupboards and saw the Bible as he is also on drugs. Then she said to him Shirley said I must give you this and then he said to her ‘I want Jesus in my life and ask God’ it has not been easy as he is under attack. But I told her to just keep praying God is greater than the problem and in His time things will change.    

There are many more from all the years on the road.

There are a lot of the challenge list I do:

I Love visiting people in Hospital

Helping peopleTelling people they need the Lord by handing out Bibles and tracts.


Cooking for the church


Shirley Dicks



Jehovah Jireh.

We give thanks to God as we celebrate 60 years of marriage on the 16th December. In 1960 this was “The Day of the Vow” in more ways than one! We met in Sunday School when Marian was 10 and Alan was 13. At that stage we were “just friends.” Marian heard the Gospel in Christ Church, Addington and came to faith. Alan was converted in 1948 at a Beach Service there. Blessed with 4 children, 11 grandchildren and 1 greatgrandchild we were nurtured in the faith and throughout our lives have enjoyed solid Biblical teaching. Since 1977 this has been in the loving fellowship of our TCC Family. God has been good, all the time. Our next goal is to celebrate over 70 years of marriage to outdo Alan’s parents!

Alan and Marian


My Childhood in short.

I was born Margaret McKenzie Easton Gordon, a true Scottish lass on 28th April, 1958 in a small village 10 km from Edinburgh. I have one sibling, Mary, who is 2 years older. In the same village lived my Great Grandmother, my Godly Grandpa and Granny and, of course, Mum & Dad. School was a village school within walking distance, with enough time at lunch break to walk home. We ran to Granny’s house on the way home from school nearly everyday. We played in the streets. Christmas was racing up the hill in the snow to family’s homes. Idyllic indeed for a child !

This changed when I was 8, we moved away to Glasgow. In those days it was a long way and visits were scarce; buses were needed to get to school. Everything changed. Even more so when I was 11 and my family emigrated to South Africa (where, I was told, that lions roamed the streets !)


The change was horrific for me. My Mum had to go to work and we were left basically to fend for ourselves. We now lived in a flat (called an apartment these days), I was sent to an all girls’ school and horror of horrors they wore a uniform with the most awful pantaloons. My sister and I were mocked regarding our accents and my new Nickname became Mackie. I hated it all. We quickly lost those accents.

BUT God had a plan and we found that the Church (St James Church) right across the road had a youth group on a Friday evening. Before long Mary and I were very involved, we heard the gospel and went forward at the altar call to give our hearts to Jesus. We spent our whole weekend at the church, it was a life saver, literally.

Unfortunately my parents separated and divorced. Financially and emotionally it was a disaster for my Mum, she had no support in South Africa. So when Mary left school she went into nursing and I went into Banking. We helped my Mum as much as we could but there was many a crisis. At 17, I left home as I was financially independent. I met my first husband at 17 and at 20 I fell pregnant and we were married the same year. My Mum was very supportive and we moved in with her which helped both parties. I left Church behind as I became a Mum and a Wife myself. My first husband was Roman Catholic but was non-practicing. We baptised our daughter and later twin sons in the Catholic Church but then decided not to bring them up in Church at all.

When I was 40, I visited with my Sister in Johannesburg. We were alone (which never happened as she had 3 kids as well!) when she asked me when was I coming back to the Lord? My answer was that I couldn’t. My marriage was in trouble by this time and I knew in my heart that if I accepted Jesus as Lord of my life, my husband would leave me.

Meadowridge Baptist Church put an ad in the Constantia Bulletin re a Ladies’ Alpha Course one Thursday morning. I found myself wanting to go and during that very first video, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and I knew that I had to surrender my heart to Jesus. I went home and read my Bible and two days later I gave my life to Jesus. What joy! I remember going back the next week and I was so excited and glowed throughout the rest of the course. My children had been attending Youth Group and my twin boys wanted to give their hearts to Jesus too, so I was honoured to lead them to Jesus. How gracious is our God?

Seven months later, my husband confessed that he had been having an affair for 2 years and wanted a divorce. Devastation hit our family. My one son was in Matric, the other first year Varsity studying Physiotherapy and my daughter was working as a Graphic Designer, looking to study teaching. Their idyllic world was shattered, something I had worked so hard to avoid.

BUT God has been so faithful; it was terrible I can’t deny it. Our hearts were broken but that year my daughter gave her heart to Jesus at a Peter Pollock Outreach and I knew God had us all in the palm of His hand and that He would never let us go. I had been working for my husband but thankfully did not have to return to work full time. I had started counselling at the Pregnancy Help Centre in Wynberg in 2000 and loved working there but found my emotional capacity was very low during my divorce. I wanted to further my studies in Counselling. In 2004, a dear friend pointed me in the direction of Cornerstone Christian College in Plumstead (formerly CBI) and I enrolled for two subjects to see how rusty the brain had become.

I graduated in 2008 at the age of 50 (a real Jubilee year) with a Bachelor of Theology in Community Leadership (Psychology) with distinction. To God be all the glory! What an experience those years 3 were. Young people and older from all over our nation and other African nations; from many different races and cultures coming together to learn about God, ourselves and one another. It was truly life changing. During my time at Cornerstone and after graduation I have worked in various ministries. DivorceCare, Women’s Halfway House for parolees, at Pollsmoor Teaching Life Skills and Pastoral Counselling. I then set up my Counselling Practise at home for those who did not attend church and did not want to enter a church. I officially deregistered last year at 61.

In 2008 God blessed me once more when I bumped into Patrick at my church. I really wasn’t looking for a man, in fact had gone off the species! God had other plans and we fell in love under the supervision of my pastor and were married in May 2009. I am so grateful to God for this Godly man in my life.


Hallelujah! What a Saviour!